mercoledì 21 dicembre 2016

Comfy elf

Maglione/Sweater: swappato/swapped
Maglietta/Teeregalo, wishloot/present, wishloot
Pantaloni/Trousersusati, mercato di via Valvassori Peroni, Milano, tinti da me/used, Valvassori Peroni Street open air market, Milan, dyed by me (3€)
Scarpe/ShoesH&M, regalo/H&M, present (15€ on sale)

Le settimane prima di Natale avevo deciso di vestirmi a tema natalizio, ma per ora, fra il nuovo lavoro, un raffreddore di proporzioni epiche, impegni e guai vari, non sono riuscita a combinare granché (un paio di giorni mi sono già sentita un eroina a non essere rimasta in pigiama). Spero di riuscire a fare di meglio nei giorni che mancano che *gasp* ormai sono davvero pochi!

I decided to wear Christmas-themed outfits in the weeks before Christmas, but for now, between the new work, a cold of epic proportions, various task and troubles, have not managed to do much yet (a couple of days I already felt heroic changing out of my pajamas). I hope to do better in the missing days that now *gasp* are very few!

2 commenti:

Elderberry ha detto...

Everybody is sick these days :( I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

Also, I love that hoodie! I keep seeing people on my blogroll in those pointed hoods, and it's really making me want one...

Piperita Patty ha detto...

Don't worry, I'm already ok! You're so kind! I'm eating a lot of orange fruit hoping to avoid getting ill again XD

Thank you! To tell the truth it is a pretty easy hoodie to make, maybe you can add one to a non hooded sweater or cardigan. I made a scarf version that could be a compromise too (I don't wear it so often as I hoped, tough):

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