mercoledì 20 agosto 2014

Involtini di melanzane/Eggplant rolls

Ho trovato questa ricetta su Pinterest e mi è piaciuta moltissimo. Il sapore è molto simile alle melanzane alla parmigiana, ma è più veloce da fare e non necessita l’utilizzo del forno. La trovate in italiano qui, in questo post mi limiterò a tradurla in inglese. La mia unica innovazione è stato l’uso della scamorza affumicata che secondo me ci stava molto bene.

I found this recipe on Pinterest (you can find the original in italian here). The flavour is similar to the one of eggplant parmigliana, but it’s faster to make and doesn’t need an oven.

Ingredients (for two people):
-          A medium size eggplant
-          Basil
-          Tomato sauce
-          Cheese that melts (mozzarella cheese is great, but smoked scamorza tastes great too)
-          Garlic
-          Parmesan cheese
-          Extra virgin olive oil

Cut the eggplant in long stripes, put them on a large dish and put salt on the surface of the slices to extract the bitter water. Leave them a couple of hours, then wipe the surface and grill them.
Prepare the tomato sauce: cut the garlic in slices and fry it, than add the sauce and basil and let it shrink a little.

Prepare the rolls cutting the cheese in sticks and wrapping each stick in an eggplant slice.
Put them in the sauce, and sprinkle them with grated parmesan cheese. Cook at medium heath covering the pan with a lid to allow the heath to melt the cheese.

They will be ready when the cheese is melted. Enjoy :D

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