martedì 6 settembre 2016

Gipsy LOTR

Orecchini/Earrings: I segreti di Gaia (10€)
Maglietta/Teeregalo, wishloot/present, wishloot
Gonna/Skirtusata/used (2€)
Scarpe/Shoes: Primark (10£)

4 commenti:

Elderberry ha detto...

I wish I had eyes like yours, so pretty... ;-; How did you do your eye makeup? I've been thinking about trying some eyeshadow recently (having been far too lazy before...), and I have no clue about it, lol.

Piperita Patty ha detto...

Tank you so much! I'm not used to getting compliments about my eyes (I like them a lot anyway) so I'm really happy! I don't remember close ups of yours, but if I remember well they're beautiful too!
In high school I wore make up everyday, than I had a phase in which I almost never wore it. Now I'm becoming interested in it again, but I'm not an expert at all!
Here I put a layer of reddish eyeshadow with a sponge brush on my upper eyelid and in the corner of my lower one too. Than I applied a sparkly transparent eyeshadow over the red one with my fingers. I put mascara on my lashes, then when it was still wet I applied (with my fingers, messy thing) on it the sparkly eyeshadow to make it stick and turn a standard black mascara in something more interesting.

RagazzAcidella ha detto...

Orecchini <3 Look approved as usual!

Piperita Patty ha detto...

@RagazzAcidella: grazie! Vorrei usare di più quegli orecchini, ma sono talmente fighi che mi viene quasi difficile abbinarli.

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