venerdì 20 febbraio 2015

Vintage and buttons

Orecchini bottone/Button earring: negozio tutto 1€ a Bellaria/1€ shop in Bellaria
Cardigan: H&M, regalo (mamma)/H&M, present (mum) (7€ on sale)
Vestito/Dressusato (nonna)/used (granny)
Calzamaglie/Tights:  boh
Stivali/Boots: Pimkie (7€ on sale)

2 commenti:

Kate ha detto...

I love this concept!! I love the idea of turning every objects into cute earrings. I own a pair of earrings made from US 1 cent coins (pennies!) minted in my birth year (1988.) Also paperclip earrings are pretty cool too.

I've been wanting to crochet some buttons that look like flowers too.



Piperita Patty ha detto...

Me too :D
The idea of the penny earrings is so nice!!
I never tought of paperclip earrings, I'll try them for sure!

The flower buttons are a great idea!

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