giovedì 26 dicembre 2013

Tartan & lace

Com'è andato il Natale quest'anno? Avete mangiato tantissimo? Ricevuto cose belle?

How was your Christmas? Did you eat a lot? Did you recieve beautiful presents?

Molletta per capelli/Hairclip: fiera dell'artigianato di Milano/artisan fair of Milan (3€)
Sciarpa/Scarf: mercato di via Ampere, Milano/Ampere Street open air market, Milan (3€)
Cardigan:usato, fiera di Sinigallia/used, Sinigallia open air market (2, 50€)
Camicia/Blousemercato di via Eustachi, Milano/Eustachi open air market, Milan (5€)
Gonna di pizzo/Lace skirt: Promod (10€ on sale)
Leggings: usati (prozia)/used (grandaunt)
Stivali/Boots: Pimkie (7€ on sale)

2 commenti:

Rhiannon ha detto...

Is that second photo in the Disney Store, hehe? :P

Ah, my Christmas was good! I'll probably post about it soon (working today, bleh) ^^

Piperita Patty ha detto...

Yes it is :D You've got the eye!
I'm looking forward to your post then!
Today I had to work too -.-

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