martedì 21 aprile 2015

Japanese Streetstyle (between winter and spring)

Harajuku Girl in Floral KimonoGold Detailed Obi Bow
Dopo un sacco di tempo rieccomi con la rubrica sui miei outfit preferiti fra quelli pubblicati dai siti di streetstyle giapponese che preferisco! Questa volta coprono un arco temporale che va da metà inverno a inizio primavera.

After a lot of time I'm back with a post about my favorite outfits among those published by my favorite sites of Japanese streetstyle! This time it covers a time span ranging from mid-winter to early spring.

Kinji Harajuku Plaid Coat
Frapbois Sweater & Cute Plaid Shorts
Lo scozzese, che a me piace tantissimo, è stato di tendenza anche quest'anno. Mi piace moltissimo in versione cappotto, ma anche in versione pantaloncini.

Plaid, that I like a lot, trended this year too. I love it in the coat, but also in the shorts version.

Sourpuss Dress & GRL JacketPretty Pastel Coat in Harajuku
Milkboy Hoodie & Blonde Hair in Harajuku
Con l'arrivo della primavera però sono passati in vantaggio i colori pastello, che quest'anno non sono mai spariti (come lo scozzese pare stia rimanendo anche in primavera)

With the arrival of spring, however, pastel colors, which this year have never disappeared (as plaid apparently is lasting in spring), took the lead

Black & Red Harajuku Street FashionPink Tokyo Bopper Shoes
Una cosa che ho notato in molti outfit sono gli orli sfrangiati "a pallini" come quello della borsa e delle scarpe della foto sopra. Credo possa essere una nuova tendenza.

One thing I noticed in many outfits are rounded frayed edges as that of the bag and the shoes of the pictures above. I think might be a new trend.

Camera Pin
E ovviamente non può mancare la mia solita estasi di fronte ad accessori...

And of course I fell in love in front of accessories...

Pastel Heart Creepers & PompomsDazzlin Wedge Creepers


Sango BroguesCrochet Socks & Patent Oxford
Robbon-Laced Galaxy Print SneakersOxfords with Polka Dot Socks

Comme des Garcons Polka Dot BackpackYazbukey Palette Clutch
Dangerous Nude Chest Bag
Bunkaya Zakkaten BackpackPlush Snoopy Backpack

...e soprattutto borse e zaini! Ma quanto è meraviglioso (e potenzialmente scomodo) il baule?!

...and especially bags and rucksacks! How awesome (and potentially uncomfortable) is the trunk?!

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4 commenti:

Rhiannon ha detto...

Actually, I haven't really spent that much time in really youthful places like Harajuku since getting here, but actually...people here dress incredibly boringly, on the whole :| Black, grey, off-white...when I've been wearing the clothes I bought here, like the orange skirt, I've been the most colourful person in the room! Only on a couple of occasions have I seen anyone dressed like in these kinds of photos, only a couple of Lolitas in Harajuku, and I have yet to see a Mori girl anywhere... ^^;;;

Piperita Patty ha detto...

Yes, when I went to Japan I was quite surprised to discover that japanese people dress quite boringly. Such a shame given that they have some of the most interesting street fashions.

x_pEpPeRoNi_x ha detto...

Love 2nd row of photos - left, milky heart stockings, and the galaxy shoes. Hahah. And oh-- I just love that trunk bag! I don't think I will be carrying it around with me though. Haha. :P

Piperita Patty ha detto...

@Pepperoni: I agree, haha!

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